Mission The Disaster Relief- Team

Bicol Clinic: Disaster Relief

Our charity has established a disaster relief fund dedicated to supporting victims of natural disasters. As a result, we were the first medical team on the ground during the 2010 Haitian earthquake and were also able to send a medical relief team to the Philippines shortly after the 2013 typhoon.

Typhoon Haiyan, December 3013, Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest storms in history. It struck the Philippines on November 8 and wrecked total havoc along its path of destruction. The storm killed over 1,800 people, severely injuring several thousand and displaced over half a million victims in the Philippines alone.

Because of your generous donations, BCF was able to send a medical relief team to the island of Leyte, where we provided medical attention to over 800 people. We also distributed food and supplies to over 6 thousand families and provided funds to rebuild a destroyed school.

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Haitian Earthquake, January 2010, Port-au-Prince

Just days after the earthquake struck, we sent a disaster relief team to Port-au-Prince and were able to tend to hundreds of patients. Working from the University General Hospital of Haiti, our team administered IVs, created splints and casting of limbs, administered Tetanus shots, as well as antibiotic and pain shots. We did a lot of wound care to treat all of the infected wounds and amputated limbs. We helped to carry in new patients found in the rubble and were the first medical team to have provided food and water for the patients being cared for. We gave out toys for the children and clothing for all of the patients who had lost everything.

A first-hand account of the trauma experienced and the medical attention given was published in the Sun-Sentinel, written by Jessica Schuster, Executive Director of BCF. Jessica writes, "At night, I lay in my tent and I hear someone crying. The sound is so long and so mournful, so pleading and desperate. Is it from an insufferable injury? Or is it the lost of their family? I feel it is a cry for the loss of almost everything they had. All I know for certain is that the sound fills my days and haunts my dreams."

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The difference between our organization and most other charities is our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve. Since the devastating earthquake, we have returned to Haiti to conduct free medical clinics in various “tent cities.”

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Prior to the startup of our charity, Dr. Schuster conducted free clinics on his own in the Philippines, Somalia and Niger. He also went to Sri Lanka to assist in the immediate relief of the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

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