Mission Haiti

Bicol Clinic: Haiti

Our efforts in Haiti began precisely four days after the 2010 Haitian earthquake, which killed approximately 316,000 people, injured 300,000 and displaced 1.3 million in the Port-au-Prince area. Since then, we have continued to provide medical attention to those still remaining in Haiti's tent cities.

On January 16, we sent a disaster relief team to Port-au-Prince and were able to tend to hundreds of patients. Working from the University General Hospital of Haiti, our team administered IVs, created splints and casting of limbs, administered Tetanus shots, as well as antibiotic and pain shots. We did a lot of wound care to treat all of the infected wounds and amputated limbs. We helped to carry in new patients found in the rubble and were the first medical team to have provided food and water for the patients being cared for. We gave out toys for the children and clothing for all of the patients who had lost everything.

Unfortunately, there are still about 150,000 people still displaced and living in “tent cities.” There is no running electricity nor is there clean water. It is the kind of environment that favors a rapid spread of disease, including malaria and HIV. The poorest of the poor remain in such areas because they have no homes to return to nor the finances to rebuild. BCF provides medical attention, food and supplies to the displaced. We are attempting to improve their health during a time when all else seems lost.

Like Nepal, BCF also has a relationship with an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. We provide the orphans with food and supplies as often as we can, in addition to giving check-ups for the children when in town.