Mission Nepal 2023

Nepal 2023

Bicol Clinic Foundation Relief Efforts: Nepal 2023

The Bicol Clinic Foundation Team, led by Dr. & Mrs. Schuster traveled to Nepal to conduct a free clinic for those in desperate need of medical treatment. This free clinic was held from October 28th through November 11, 2023.

The Bicol Clinic Team consisted of 3 Ear Nose and Throat Surgeons: Dr. Timothy Wong, Dr. Michael Aronsohn, Dr. Diana del Valle, Dr. Daniela Gompelmann, a Pulmonologist from Austria, Dr. Janine Mancusi plus Dr. Nuwan Gunawardhana- an Infectious Disease Attending Physician at Columbia University Medical Center.

Bicol Clinic Foundation, with the help of Dr. Arjun Shrestha, held a cataract screening clinic in Bandipur. One hundred cataract surgeries were to be selected to be performed in our Kathmandu and Pokhara facilities. Our Nepal Ambassador and head Nepali physician, Dr. Narayan Mahotra, orchestrated our team along with our pharmacist, Sushil Adhikari. We had a Nepali Eye Specialist as well as an OBGYN and a Dentist working with the team.

The clinic was a great success, with 865 patients treated over a 6 span clinic period and 100 cataract surgeries performed in just 10 days